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In an undisclosed location out in the middle of west citris, new jeruzalum, brownbum knocks it out the box as usual with an ill mix of classic Jersey sh*t.. If you haven't heard some or any of these joints, here's your late pass..

  1. Biz Markie-A One Two
  2. Queen Latifah-Princess of the Posse
  3. Word of Mouth-Coast to Coast
  4. Ministers of Black-Step into my office
  5. Redman-Hot97 Freestyle
  6. Redman-Funkarama
  7. Miilkbone-How yah like it
  8. Ready Ta Role-Drug Game
  9. Apache-Gangsta B#tch
  10. Double XX Posse-Not gonna be able to do it
  11. Lords of The underground-Chief Rocka
  12. Channel Live feat. KRS One-Mad Izm
  13. Rotten Raskalz-Oh Yeah
  14. Naughty By Nature-Guard Ya Grill
  15. Twin Hype-Do it to the crowd
  16. 45 King-900 Number

Jersey Radio Vol. 2

  1. Chino XL-Purple Hands in the air
  2. Tame One-Torture Chamber
  3. Artifacts-Wrong side of the tracks
  4. 8th Won-A Fools Lullabuy
  5. Solzalez-Midnight Artistry
  6. Skrewtape-D#ck Cookie (prod. by Rorschach)
  7. Kice...Ofcourse-Cruisin
  8. Outsidaz-Proceed
  9. Outsidaz-Do it wit a passion
  10. Various Artists-Jersey Dozen ft. Sabotage, Yasin, Twilight, Hom, J. Jerkins, Solzalez, Big Wreck, Ib, & Sahid Sabir
  11. Everliven Sound-Son Shine
  12. A Way of Life-Hangloose

Jersey Radio

Hello folks, here's the first installment of Jersey Radio.. we kinda did things off the cuff but as usual, DJ Brownbum delivers a classic set of various hip hop artists hailing from the great garden state.. This is only the tip of the iceberg so stay tuned for future broadcasts.. Peace, The Custodian of Records

  1. Exit 9-Hood on my back
  2. Solzalez-Stand Clear
  3. Moodswingaz-Moodswingaz Anthem
  4. Tame One-Homage to the bombaz
  5. Bullymouth-Finger paint
  6. Shawn Lov Feat. Pace Won-Get it right
  7. Twilight-Poverty
  8. K. Banger-Set it on society (prod. by Maleet)
  9. Feed-Gutta Music
  10. Big Wreck-Bang
  11. East Flatbush Project Feat. Stress and Dox-Who I'm is
  12. Slim Rockwell-Everyday
  13. Krown Rulers-Kick the ball
  14. Latee-This cuts got flavor
  15. Lakim Shabazz-Need some lovin
  16. Real Live-Real Live Shit Remix (Instrumental)
  17. Redman-Tonights Da Night
  18. Redman-Can't Wait (c.o.r. remix)
  19. Jersey Dozen teaser (wait for the next show)

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